Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Nice guy

Nice guy could be a term in everyone discourse too just like popular culture explaining a grown-up or teenage male with friendly yet unassertive qualities poor rapport obtaining a girl. As being a description "nice guy" might be used both positively or adversely. When used positively (specially when used as being a self-descriptor), it's designed to suggest males who puts the requirements of others before their particular, removes fights, does favors, gives emotional support, attempts to escape trouble, generally functions nicely towards women. Poor rapport, additionally, it can reference traits of honesty, loyalty, romanticism, courtesy and respect. When present in a poor context (usually capitalised), a "Nice Guy" signifies males who's unassertive, doesn't express his true feelings and uses functions of ostensible friendship while using the unstated purpose of changing having a romantic or sexual relationship.

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